November 2, 2012
Too much light in this window
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Shirt by Adidas

I’m still alive people. So sorry for neglecting this little space of mine. :(
Currently studying MBA (Master of Business Administration) and it’s like taking my whole life away.

I won’t promise anything, but I would still like to force myself to blog… maybe next month or maybe even at the beginning of the next year… we’ll see.

Smell you later! XOXO

June 28, 2012
All Time Favorite: NLY SHOES by
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As many of you guys know, I’ve a big fan of NLY SHOES a quite some time and I believe that this label by really deserve some attention. You may have seen those shoes passing by in my other posts like here or here. And now I’ve been lurking on their new collection again and they really did a great job, if you love heels you should definitely check them out!

Here are my favorites from the latest collection:

Personally you won’t see me that quick with low heels and a pointy toe but this one is really fabulous!

As seen in my outfit post here

One of the best things I like about Nelly Shoes is that they have shoes that fits any season. They are up to date with the latest trends but also dare to produce shoes that are haute-couture like. Which is quite a big investment since they take the risk to stand out but you never know how the crowd will react. But just by doing that makes their products really unique – which I really appreciate. Anyhow, if you really love heels and shoes – definitely check them out!

June 27, 2012
A Few Smart Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe This Summer
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When the summer months finally come back around, one of the first things that we’re all keen to do is to rush out and put together an up-to-date wardrobe. Whereas the winter months see most of us covering up with a thick overcoat, the summer months allow us to flaunt all sorts of clothing on the cutting edge of design.

With trends generally lasting for only a short period of time, and much of last year’s wardrobe now seeming obsolete, it can be hard to know where to begin when compiling an outfit for the summer. Here, we take a look at a few options which are set to be fashionable, all summer long.

Detailed floral prints

Whether it’s a summer dress, a sarong, or a set of swimwear, floral prints look sure to be a massive hit this summer. Steer clear of sparse prints, shunning the traditional to make room for delicate and intricate designs.

Detail is key this season and the finer the print, the better. Look to the larger fashion houses for inspiration on print design and colour choices. The fine detail of your clothing should be offset subtly by plain accessories. Simplicity and complexity once again combine in the world of fashion this summer.

Flat-footed sandals

Any summer shoe must be airy and refined. This summer, one of the most popular trends looks set to be neutral colours, as seen in these Dune sandals. Think simple buckles and no heel. When the warmer months hit, you’ve no idea what you’ll end up doing once you leave the house. Flat-footed sandals provide the highest level of practicality, allowing you to get stuck in when you find the competition rising at your local beach or park.

Mix & match bikinis

Swimwear is something which needs to be updated every season. The good news this summer is that mixed sets are in, meaning that you might not have to do as much shopping as you’d thought. Choosing a different set of tops and bottoms allows you to accentuate different aspects of your figure, and minimise the amount of time you spend in the gym shaping up.

Be careful to avoid clashes though. Whilst matching may not be in fashion, mismatching is never a smart option when it comes to suiting up for the beach. Look to create a subtle balance between tops and bottoms to find the perfect combination.

June 11, 2012
OOTD at Fashionclash
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Neon Dress by New Look, Shoes by XOHY.NL, Bracelet by H&M

It seems like the warmer it gets, the more color my clothing gets lol. Here I’m wearing a neon dress I got from New Look for like £15. One of the best purchases I’ve done in months (beside the shoes). Oh and excuse my redness – inside the Fashionclash location (which was held in an old factory) they had red, yellow, purple lamps mixed together: thus the redness. I was also wearing this panty not knowing that it was THIS shiny, looks like I have the legs of Barbie haha.

The legs of Barbie needs to run, smell ya later!

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